05/10/2013 – 10/10/2013 Hong Kong, H’oK.

Fair warning: Hong Kong is a large and busy city, with a population of over 7 million. Therefore this post is of a length intended to reflect that. You may wish to make… Continue reading

13/06/13 – 04/10/13 Happy As A Pig In Sh… Snow.

Well, another Smiggs season done and melted. The white stuff never really fell and when it did was immediately followed by a nice warm drizzle. However, its not all bad. There was plenty… Continue reading

Islay see you when I see you

Wee jaunt to Islay planned for next week. Unfortunately my beloved ukelele shall not be making the trip. My bike will however. We’ll see how that goes as she is most definitely a… Continue reading

20/06/2012 – 14/02/2013 A Sketch Is Worth A Thousand Blog Posts

    Rather than writing a blurb about all the things I saw and did between June and February I thought I’d just show you. Pictures… thousands of words… all that. Follow the… Continue reading

28/09/2012 – 27/10/2012 Summertime Blues

It is a month tomorrow since I last stood in snow. A great deal of that month has been spent watching ski movies on the internet. Feeling that there weren’t enough already, I… Continue reading

22/06/12 – 28/09/12 Becoming a “Smiggs Pig”

It’s almost that time again. My feet are itchy, my bags are packed, I am officially homeless, am sleeping on a friends floor, the wind has changed direction, the snow is melting and… Continue reading

25/12/11 – 10/06/12 Before I go…

Well today is today at last. I jet off on Monday evening and 23 hours later I will arrive in Sydney. On a Wednesday. But what have I done with my 6 months… Continue reading

11/06/2012 Off to Ski a Blizzard, a Wonderful Blizzard in Aus

G’day pals. Well it seems that I’m heading south for the summer. Well the winter. Well it depends which hemisphere you are looking at it from. You’ll be able to locate me here: Smiggin… Continue reading

05/03/2012 Gap Yahs, Backpackers, Wankers.

Just a link to an article in The Skinny which struck a chord.  A critique of “backpakers” and “gap-yahs” – two labels I have tried to avoid, but must face… because what else… Continue reading

29/09/2011 – 05/12/2011 Have Sketchbook, Will Travel

Well well well. Here are some pages from my sketchbook as it travelled through Australia, China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and back to Australia. This book has been thrown in bags, dropped in puddles,… Continue reading